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Instant Messaging bridging languages

I just thought of really cool idea! What if MSN, or AIM, or Google Talk or whatever could automatically translate what you type into another language!! The implications and new opportunities for international communication would be amazing. Especially in developing countries which are relying so heavily on foreign aid. Lacking effective communication skills in English or Dutch or French weakens the confidence of development professionals in Tanzania. The possibility of being able to communicate with a supporting organisation in their native language would be awesome.



EWB @ Waterloo

So now I'm back at school and Engineers Without Borders is going better than ever!

Here's a quick update and window into my world of EWB. The Fall has been full of awesome events, accomplisments and challenges. Looking back the highlights include a wide ranging list, starting with "EWB Goes Classy: Wine and Cheese Gala", and then to some wicked "Water for the World" highschool presentations, a strong showing at UW Homecoming, and the first ever fantastic "Live 8 @ UW" band night at the Bombershelter Pub.

Currently I'm working at a new coop job - designing hardware for the video industry. Hopefully this term will allow for new inroads into EWB corporate fundraising utilizing the coop program. I'm also excited to be attending my first ever EWB National Conference in Ottawa. I'm super excited to be meeting other young people from across the country and learning more about development. Hopefully the experience will help me process my thoughts on my wonderful time in Tanzania.

In the summer I will be returning to school to begin my third year. Also, I'm very excited to be taking on the role of President for the EWB Waterloo Chapter! Big shoes to fill - I'm looking forward to the challenge.

That's all I've got for now. Take care.

Yours truly,
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