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So I arrived last night in Tokyo where I'll be staying for a few days before heading off to Singapore on exchange. My flight arrived around 5PM local time over was my took a solid 13 hours and I managed to sleep for about 3, not bad I suppose, but considering I hadn't slept much the night before... in an effort to sleep more on the plane.... it wasn't great either. The whole flight I was worried I'd be exhausted when I arrived and end up getting lost someone inside Tokyo's massive and confusing subway / train system. Good guess....

Basically I had no idea where to go after leaving the airport, armed only with the name "Asakusa" and the direction west. After several wrong transfers and lots of confused conversations with locals, I bumped into a girl from Ontario who knew Tokyo and pointed me in the write direction. Around 8PM I finally arrived at the hostel I was aiming for in the Asakusa district, checked in and promptly fell asleep. Jet lag had definitely set in.

Asakusa is a nice area just on the outskirts of central Tokyo. It's has several famous temples and maintains an air of old Tokyo (or so I'm told). Today I plan on exploring this area, getting some food, practicing a little Japanese... and trying not to get lost.

Somewhat surprisingly, I found out Annie, Eugene and Gary (all from UW engineering and going to Singapore) are staying at the same hostel. We'll be travelling around together today as they're leaving tomorrow before me.



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