Stephen Young



Today is April 25. In just under two weeks I will be leaving for Africa.

The background info....
For my summer 2005 coop workterm, I will be living and working in north west Tanzania. I will be volunteering for the canadian organization Engineers Without Borders. I will be working as an EWB short term (under a year) overseas "Operation 21" volunteer. Operation 21 is an EWB program to send volunteer interns from each of the 21 [now 22] Canadian unverisites with EWB chapters to a developing countries around the world (primarily focusing on Africa).

The future info....
As for what I will be doing in Tanzania, right now I still have very little information. EWB standard MO is to partner overseas interns with established local NGOs. In my case I'll be working for/with FADECO , a growing family based organization that focusing some of its work on developing appropriate rural technologies. Supposedly, I'll be working in the agricultual and food-processing areas.