Stephen Young


The Hungry Student

Waterloo, Decemeber 24, 2004 - A new site for cash strapped students is being launched in the Waterloo area. The site ( will help students located deals on quality food in their area. The site specializes in restaurants within the Waterloo area, and is targetted at students.


Natural Language Search Engine

The key would be not developing the search engine (use google) and not developing the language parser (use whatever), but the key would be in integrating the two of them. Creating the interface from the output of the language parser (lp) to the search enginer (se). You could capitilize on the power of an existing se using a proper sentence: "Give me all the software title published this year".

To actually implement, perhaps you could derive multiple queries from a sentence and then run them in sequence. 1) All of the software titles 2) All of those results published this year

Just thinking